Panicky Wasters EP

by Panicky Wasters

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released March 3, 2014

All songs by Panicky Wasters
Produced, mixed and mastered by Raúl Bustillo at Estudio Goya, Dec 2013
Album design by Claudia Luque
Album photography by Camila Pedano and Tony Punk




all rights reserved


Panicky Wasters Madrid De Caderechas, Spain

Pop Rápido desde Madrid.

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Track Name: New Days Are Coming
The TV shows a horrible murder
Lady Justice has lost her hope
Everyone looks away
And hide the weapon behind her back

Open your eyes and tell me that you see (Show yourself)
Now it's time to change your behaviour (Rise up)
Because my education has a price (Wake up, fuck)
And our country is coming down (Are you sure?)

The war continues in the Street
Lady Justice has lost her balance
Someone must pay
And show their face to the people

Track Name: Wasting Away
The way you stared at me
You tried to ruin my life
It's time for you to leave
You should go home and cry

You're selling it for free
They don't even have to pay
Your eyes will never see
What you've lost during the way

I said: "What's wrong with me? Life seems just a misery".
She said: "I'll soon be free to spend my time with him".
We all don't give a shit about all your feelings
You should just go away
Lie down, and die

Your life is like a hail
And you need to break the bars
Looking for a foolish male
To have fun with in a car

Now you're getting high
Your heart feels so alone
You'll see you should had fight
When I have really gone


On your right you have a slang
On your left there is a beer
You're only such a slag
Pretending yo have no fear

Track Name: Sorrowful
It happens when I see you with someone that's not me
They absorb you and keep you outta my space
This war could be won if you want and desire ir
This is it, we've both fallen in fire

This was your choice
This was your...

What are we supposed to do?
Years are burning you
I won't be always sorrowful
What are we supposed to do?
These lies are burying you
I won't be always sorrowful

It was not only my fault, it was your trap
I was not the one who had killed the bright stars
Like some people had taken the bad way
Lies have became metres some of sand above your grave

This was your choice
This was your...

[Chorus x2]
Track Name: The Ballad Of Mia Wallace
I will chase you during all the night
You won't be able to escape from me
You believe that you can win this fight
But you don't know anything about me

Please, come here... Taste me, taste this
Hear me scream... Fell me, feel this
I'm a bad motherfucker so taste me, so feel me now

Break the night with your shivery cry
You will have nightmares with my figure
You don't hide, don't be bitch and shy
Come with me and deliver me your purity

[Chorus x2]